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Frequently Asked Questions...

I understand that you claim your product is different than other acne products. What are the ingredients used in Buzz on Acne?

Yes, we are different. You haven't tried an acne product like this before. When we began looking for a product to clear our children's acne, all we could find were products that contained benzoyl peroxide.  Benzoyl peroxide is a strong and very harsh chemical.  I repeat CHEMICAL that we are applying to our children. We are very happy to report that our product does not contain benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid.  Buzz on Acne is very effective without it.

We are very proud of our ingredients. These are ingredients that you can feel safe applying to yourself or your children and they are very effective at destroying your acne once and for all!

Some of these ingredients have gone through many extensive processes to make our product as successful as it is.

Active Ingredients:  Activated Distilled Water, MSM, Sodium Chlorite, Monatomic Zinc, Monatomic Silver, Monatomic Copper, Lysozymatic Enzymes derived from Fruits and Vegetables.
Ingredients:  Aloe Vera, Glycerin, Quar Gum, Soy Bean Oil, Stearic Acid, Vanillin.

How do I use your product and incorporate it into my routine?

Buzz on Acne is a product that has five active ingredients that work synergistically.  These active ingredients do not work well with products containing their own active ingredients.  Most importantly, benzoyl peroxide.  Other active ingredients that do not respond well with Buzz on Acne include but are not limited to retinols, glycolic acids, salicylic acids, BHA's and AHA's.  We highly recommend that you discontinue the use of any active ingredients that are in your cleansers, washes, toners, moisturizers or any other topical until your skin has completely acclimated to the Buzz on Acne.  Not only are we worried about a reaction with the mixing of these active ingredients (usually extreme dryness), but we are finding that their use negates the effectiveness of the Buzz on Acne.  The "acclimation period" that I am referring to is a minimum of two-four weeks.  After this period, actives (other than benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid) may be added back into your routine one at a time while you are watching for bad reactions.  Also note, during this "acclimation period" the skin initially may appear to be a little dry with Buzz on Acne but you soon will experience the hydration and "glow" that are frequently referred to by other Buzz on Acne users.  There are many cases where the skin appears to be worse during this "acclimation period" which can be attributed to  the skin's natural purging of accumulated excess sebum and the acclimation process itself.   This process is well known as noted by the dermatologists that wrote the Acne Health Center on WebMD.com.  They note " You may even notice that it gets worse before it gets better".

Please be patient...as it is well worth it. 

A mild face wash is what we recommend for cleansing of the skin.  It is very typical for a person with acne to have the tendency to "scrub" your face. This is not necessary or helpful for removing your acne.  After cleansing, splash the face well to remove any remaining cleanser and pat dry.

After the face is dry, you can spray Buzz on Acne on the affected areas of your skin.  Our spray comes out in a fine mist.  After spraying, some like to spread it out evenly with their fingers.  Let it dry naturally and by itself.

A person that is treating acne needs to look very carefully at the products that he/she applies to the face.   As far as the use of moisturizers, we recommend one that is oil free. A moisturizer that is non-comedogenic and is hypoallergenic is also helpful in keeping your face from breaking out. We have ingredients in Buzz on Acne that hydrate the skin and many find that it is all they need.  Others apply a moisturizer.  If you need further moisturizing, we have found that a small amount of jojoba added to your moisturizer can help.  Jojoba has been found helpful to the process of controlling your acne and is really a wax and not an oil at all.  

A person treating acne often needs to look at some of the cosmetics that he/she uses. Many cosmetics, such as foundation, blush and eye shadow should be oil free.  Hair styling products and sprays that come in contract with the skin needs to be evaluated.  The word non-comedogenic, which means does not promote the formation of blemishes, should be used in all products applied to acne prone areas.There are many products on the market that meet these recommendations.  If you use Buzz on Acne, it is going to help your acne no matter what other products you use with it.  It would just be wise to help this treatment along and prevent further break outs with these suggestions.

We are working on cleansers and moisturizers to compliment Buzz on Acne. When it comes to destroying acne, Buzz on Acne is all you need.

Now that my acne is gone. What can I do to keep it from returning?

There is no cure for acne.  There are only treatments.  We have found that some of our customers only have to use Buzz on Acne every other day to keep their symptoms away.  Others that have a very severe and active form of acne find they want to use as directed two or three times a day to keep their acne subsided.  Only you will be able to tell what works for yourself.  I would guess that most of our customers continue to use Buzz on Acne at least once a day to prevent any reoccurrence of acne.

You seem to be really down on Benzoyl peroxide. Why do you feel that way?

You do not need benzoyl peroxide to clear your skin!   All will become clear! (no pun intended)

Until now, the only choice we had for removing acne was benzoyl peroxide.  Most acne products have benzoyl peroxide as their main and active ingredient.  Some have more and some have less but basically the only treatment available for acne was benzoyl peroxide.  Unless you want to count accutane and you don't even want to get me started on that!   Benzoyl peroxide is a chemical.  It is a strong and very harsh chemical!   What good is it if your acne improves and your face now shows the horrible symptoms of benzoyl peroxide?  Many people report blistering, crusting, swelling of the skin, severe burning, rashes, darkening or lightening of the skin, severe dryness and redness. Extreme dryness is almost universal.  Many are finding that after years of use benzoyl peroxide has aged the skin.  It isn't even known what years of applying this chemical to your skin will do to your health!

In 1995, the FDA changed benzoyl peroxide from a Category 1 (safe) to a Category 3 (safety is uncertain) ingredient and stated this action (56 FR 37622) was based on new information that raised a safety concern regarding benzoyl peroxide as a tumor promoter in mice.  Additionally, the FDA charged manufacturers with the responsibility of providing this information to consumers so they could make educated decisions.  Many manufacturers and product marketers have not provided this information so consumers can be advised of the potential dangers.

Ok, I'm through! No more lectures from me on this subject!

I have a friend that has used and loved the Buzz on Acne for a sunburn.  Are there any other conditions that it can be used for?

Oh, my yes!  There are many different things that Buzz on Acne can be used for besides acne.  I just used it a couple of weeks ago and got amazing relief from a burn that I got with a hair appliance. (thanks aloe and sodium chlorite)  It can be used on any burn including sunburns.  It is the best thing that I have used for that.  Besides burns, it is used for bug bites or stings, cuts and scrapes, eczema, topical skin infections, odor (amazing for foot or underarm ordor), psoriasis, ringworm and rosacea.  I have several dogs and use it endlessly on them for a nail clipped too close, fungus or the many different skin conditions and parasites a dog gets.  They get buzzed a lot!  Also keep in mind that it contains antiviral, antibacterial and anti-fungal substances.  We have many customers that are getting amazing relief from eczema, psoriasis and rosacea.

When I order from your site, is all of my information secure?

We have site encryption (SSL) through BigCommerce.   This is the same type of encryption they use for on-line banking and you are VERY safe shopping with us and we want you to feel that way.  You can verify our certificate (SSL) by clicking the padlock on the top of your web browser next to the address bar.  If for some reason this padlock is not there, please call 1-888-232-2870.  Your security is paramount to us!

On a personal level, I would like to thank everyone of our customers!   We are so excited about your enthusiasm for our product!   I have received many messages from and I hope to continue to hear from you. We, at Buzz on Acne, all know what you've been through with your acne and we don't want you to go through it again.

Thank you,

Denise & the "Health Buzz" team


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