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We love your testimonials at Buzz on Acne!  Please send them to denise@buzzonacne.com.

I suffered from terrible acne my entire life. Buzz on Acne transformed my skin. I have been using this miracle product since November 2010. I was 37 years old, completely frustrated with my skin, having tried Proactiv many times (it made my skin worse) and countless other products for acne. I'd just gone to a new dermatologist and decided I didn't want to try antibiotics/prescription medications again. I'd read about BOA for years but didn't think it would work. A spray? Seriously? YES! It works! It took some time for my skin to clear. I sent Denise pictures documenting my progress. She was there every step of the way, advising me on what to do. And, to this day, I will not order any skincare product without consulting her first. Denise's commitment to her customers is exemplary! Nothing makes her happier than helping people achieve clear skin without chemicals. No more creams that turn towels white or three step routines for me. BOA is so simple to use. Just spray and acne goes away! I've been using BOA faithfully for almost five years, by far the longest I've used any acne product. People cannot believe the difference in my skin. Friends who didn't know me before BOA are shocked when I tell them I had "problem" skin for years. I hardly wear makeup anymore. I love not having to cover up a face full of bumps and scrars. BOA gave me something I never thought was possible: beautiful, blemish-free skin. I owe it all to BOA! Denise, you are my skin care adviser and a trusted friend. Thank you for creating Buzz on Acne! --Nicole from Plantation, Florida

I just wanted to write to let you know how much we love and appreciate your acne spray.  I have never written a "testimonial", but this spray has been an answer to a prayer for our family and I just wanted to let you know that!   I pray you never stop making it - my 13 year old son started to get pretty bad acne in the Fall (my husband suffered from severe acne as a teen) and I found your product on line.  Within a few days he was clearing up and now it has been an entire school year acne free.  I now use it on my 11 year old daughter with the same wonderful results.  I have literally worried about this since my kids were very small and I can't put into words my relief and thanks that you produce this product.  If you ever need a distributor or sales person, I'm able and willing!  Thanks again - Jeanne from New York


My husband is a doctor and we have access to any acne treatment available for our son.  Buzz on Acne is the treatment that we choose.  My husband discovered this little jewel from a patient that had tried every single prescription on the market.  To witness his struggle and to see him go from a very aggressive, relentless and chronic form of acne to the clear and beautiful skin he has now was beyond amazing.  After researching the ingredients that are in Buzz on Acne, my husband agrees that this is a safe and sound acne treatment unlike most of the acne treatments on the market that my husband refuses to use on our son.  He has personally observed what years of benzoyl peroxide use is now doing to the skin of his patients who have used it in all its forms and agrees with the information on this site about its dangers as now presented by the FDA.  Until now, safe and sound didn't always work.  Buzz on Acne does work.  Buzz on Acne has completely resolved our son's acne in two short months and he now has the clear and radiant skin he was born with.  Thank you so much for this big and brilliant little product!     
the family of Dr. Davis from New York


I can't believe how simple and inexpensive this treatment is, and how great the product works! I had been suffering with cystic acne on my neck and chin for quite some time until I found Buzz On Acne.   I saw a dermatologist and had tried topical treatments (prescription and OTC), oral treatments (prescriptions that caused their own set of problems), injections (ouch!) and salicylic acid peels. After two years of treatments, I asked the doctor if I could benefit from Accutane.  She wanted me to try yet another (!!) round of antibiotics first. She also recommended a $3500 laser treatment. No way! When I added up my out of pocket expenses and the amount that my insurance company had covered, I realized my (unsuccessful!) treatments had already cost over $6,000.  Yes, that's six THOUSAND dollars.  My out-of-pocket alone was nearly $1,500. I immediately broke up with her and ordered Buzz On Acne.  I'll be honest, my skin didn't clear up overnight.  It took 2-3 months for me to see significant improvement.  But it was enough that I kept using it.  A year later, I'm completely free of the cystic acne.  I still get an occasional zit (what I call a "regular" zit), but it goes away within a couple of days instead of weeks.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!  I will never be without this. 
Shay in Michigan

I have had moderate acne for more than 19 years now. I'm 32 so I can say that Ive lived longer with acne than I have without it. You'd think you get used to it after so many years, but as you all know it sucks just as bad as the beginning. I have tried so many products. Just about every benzol cream or salicylic wash all with the same results. Most of these products were really good at treating pimples that I had, but did little to nothing for the pimples that were to come. In fact some actually aggravated my skin into more breakouts. Oh the irony. Well I recently got stationed in Iraq for a year and during my stay there my acne was probably the worst I had seen it. At least as bad as it was when I first started to get it. I tried once more to find something on-line that might help me. I found out about Buzz On Acne through a posting on Acne.org (oh and by the way I tried their "regimen" and that was a complete waste of time). The poster was gushing over how this kept her kids acne in check. I figured "Ive tried everything else, why not give this a go" and ordered two bottles. I can finally say that after 19 long years of horrible skin Buzz On Acne was the first product to actually work!!!! At first I used it 3 times a day and sure enough my pores started to shrink and the acne just quit. I had a few pimples left over from before I started using Buzz but within the first week I was looking at a face that had maybe 1 or 2 pimples. As the weeks rolled on they just stopped coming and I scaled the usage down to once in the morning and once before bed. I love how my face looks now. I think about how different high school might have been if this stuff were around way back in the early 90s. Take my advice. If you have tried everything else and about ready to toss in the towel give this a try. I have a daughter and surely she's inherited my "acne gene". This will be first and only treatment I'll have to give her when it comes.  Thank you Buzz On Acne!

Anthony from Vail, Arizona


I am the biggest skeptic ever.  I waited too long to try this product.  I was just so tired of wasting my money of products that said they would work and didn't.  I love Buzz on Acne!  My skin has never looked better and I am blown away!  Thank you for auto-delivery.  I signed up and get a new bottle every two months.  Couldn't be easier.  Love, love, love your product!

Kristan from Milwaukee, Wisconsin


This product is amazing!  This isn't just another acne product to add to your collection.  Throw the rest away!  This is the end of acne as we know it and I highly recommend this product!

Jim from Raleigh, North Carolina


I just want to thank you for this wonderful product.  As I was getting older, my skin would break out every spring and every fall but that would only last a few weeks, and then it was over.  When my skin broke out the fall of 2005, I assumed it would be the usual, but it wasn't.   It got worse and worse until I had horrible infected acne all over the lower part of my face.  I spent so much money trying to fix this.  I went to dermatologist.  Tried medications.  Nothing helped.  I had given up and just used tons of concealer and hid my face with my hair.  Last December, my 3 year old granddaughter asked me why I always have owies all over my face. That did it.  I had read about Buzz on Acne on a beauty board but hadn't believed the claims.  I decided I had to try it--I had nothing to lose.  It's now been about 10 weeks and my skin is completely clear.  In fact, it looks and feels better than it has in years.  And I'm spending so much less on skin care products.   This is an amazing product and I can't thank you enough.   I can't stop touching my skin, and this time it's because it feels so good, not because I'm covered with acne.  You have made this grandma very happy.  I really never thought I would be able to go makeup free again.  I am forever grateful.            

Nancy from St. Louis, Missouri


Bye, Bye benzoyl peroxide!  Your day has passed!  I won't miss you and your dry, cracky skin!    Buzz on Acne has made quick work of my cysts, blackheads and red marks and scars!  The day that I found Buzz on Acne is the day that my life began to change!  I am forever thankful to Buzz on Acne!  It has given me not only clear skin, but beautiful, radiant, healthy and glowing skin!  When you read these testimonials about their glowing skin, they aren't kidding!   Buzz on Acne is loaded with anti-oxidants and I'm told that is where the glow and hydration come from.  Never in a million years did I dream that I would receive these kind of results from an acne product!  I was absolutely blown away when my blackheads started to leave!  This product is the stuff Rocket science is made off!                                                                                        

Tracy from Orlando, Florida

I frequent a beauty bulletin board and everyone was raving about Buzz on Acne! On this board, they usually know what they are talking about and in this case they REALLY knew what they were talking about! I thought, what have I got to lose? It cost me more to drive to my dermatologist than this bottle of Buzz on Acne cost me! If I were to list all the OTC’s and prescriptions that I have used and the money spent buying them, it would take your whole web site. I had big cysts around the chin area and major redness all over and this bottle of Buzz on Acne took care of it all! I still can hardly believe it! I mean, you just spray this on and that’s it! Every morning, I wake up and feel my face and think, Who’s skin is this? I walk by a mirror and think., Who is that beautiful lady? IT’S ME!!! IT’S ME!!! This experience has been very surreal and I hope if I’m dreaming that I never wake up!  
Cindy  ODonnell from Pittsburg, Pennsylvania

If you are hesitant about trying this..PLEASE GIVE BOA A CHANCE!
I have spent so much money on different treatments and skin care lines trying to find what works without success...UNTIL NOW! I didn't have what you would call typical acne or horrible skin. I had breakouts due to hormones, or work-out/sweat related breakouts, and general clogged pores/blackheads in the t-zone area but that meant that there was always SOMETHING wrong with my skin....I never in my life was able to look in the mirror and see a flawless face. and even between breakouts, even though I couldn't see a pimple, if I felt around my chin area, there would be lumps or bumps where the next one was getting ready to surface. and every morning in the shower I would do the t-zone scrape with my fingernail...pulling the junk out from my clogged pores to look better. I tried pretty much everything over the years - proactive, murad, principle secret skin care lines, and many topical creams, etc. but this simple spray has done the trick...and QUICKLY, I might add. there are no more bumps under my skin on my chin, and when I scrape the t-zone...there is very little to nothing caught in my fingernails. I have never been so happy!! I am even able to put on an oil-free moisturizer overnight after the BOA for my dry patches without an issue (and at 43, hydration is important). my 12 year old son also had issues in the last year with blackheads and clusters of pimples around his nose and chin. trying to get him to wash his face daily was hard enough...I don't think he does anything beyond letting the shampoo run over his face in the shower! but he saw a difference and uses it on his own now...and even the stubborn blackheads are almost gone!
PLEASE give this a try...I don't think you will be sorry!
Linda Davie

I have never written a review in my life! Nothing has meant that much to me, until now. I used to have acne everywhere on my body except from the knees down. It was bad and absolutely nothing helped until Buzz on Acne. When I first got the bottle, I thought. "Oh ya, this is going to work" Didn't burn, didn't dry me out! How could this work? Let me tell you that it did! I am completely acne free and without all of those leftover marks! This is a great product at a great price! Thank you Buzz on Acne! You have a customer for life!
Travis Coats from Houston, Texas

A dear friend told me about Buzz on Acne and it has been a life-changing blessing for my children! All three of my children are successfully using Buzz on Acne! All three of my children are acne-free! Do not hesitate to purchase this product! The customer service is as amazing as their product!
Carla Preston from Detroit, Michigan

I felt it was really important to thank you for this truly special product! It seems that I have spent a lifetime searching for something to get rid of my acne and I finally found it with Buzz on Acne! Everything you say about this product is true! My acne is gone and I still can’t wrap my head around how easy and fast it worked! I don’t even need a moisturizer with this. Like you say, just spray it on and it feels very hydrating after I got past those first few weeks. So thrilled that I no longer have to use those messy creams that bleached my sheets! Thank you so much as Buzz on Acne has changed my life!
Randy from
 Cedar Rapids, Iowa

The customer service at Buzz on Acne is unbelievable! Denise at Buzz on Acne helped me through this every step of the way. I should have driven her crazy with all my doubts and questions but she was always there for me encouraging me at every step. I’ve spent so much money on acne products that didn’t work and I know I was a pain in the ass, but I felt that she truly cares. The time she spent on me is so appreciated and Denise, you have a customer for life with me! Thank you for not giving up on me! I adore you and Buzz on Acne!
Sarah from
 Denver, Colorado

I hope to never have acne again thanks to Buzz on Acne! Please don’t stop making this as I don’t want to run out! It was a lucky day when I logged on to my favorite bulletin board and they were all going bonkers for Buzz on Acne! Not only is my acne gone, my skin has never looked better! I get so many compliments and believe me, I’m not used to compliments about my skin! My skin is soft and beautiful and everyone says I absolutely Glow! I can’t begin to thank you enough for Buzz on Acne!
Karen from
 Tallahassee, Florida

This is not like any acne product that you have ever tried! Thank God I don’t have to use anything with benzoyl peroxide in it again! My skin was very dry and I always looked red and irritated, not to mention, I still had acne! What they say about this product is so true! It is hydrating and my skin looks so good now that I rarely need foundation! I am through covering up my skin! I signed up for auto-delivery to get the discount and I receive my Buzz on Acne every other month like clock work! You can not go wrong with the purchase of this product!
Susan from
 Rhode Island

I have spent a small fortune trying to get rid of my acne. I’ve been going to my dermatologist every month paying for all of those worthless prescriptions and getting treatments from his esthetician! I’ve been lasered and had cysts drained! Then I hear about this! OMG I can’t believe how much money this has saved me! After a week on Buzz on Acne, I had an appointment with my dermatologist and for kicks took the bottle with me. I had already shown signs of improvement and he told me that the only thing in Buzz on Acne that would help was the Zinc. Oh really! You should see me now! If you are sitting on the fence about Buzz on Acne get off now because this is the greatest acne product that I have ever seen and I’ve seen them all!
Kelly from
 Las Vegas, Nevada

I could never believe that we could put a man on the moon and we couldn’t fix my face! Until now! Thank you Buzz! You have been like a miracle to my acne! It’s all over for me now.
Dustin from
 Houston, Texas

Buzz on Acne, where have you been all of my life? My search is over! No more acne forums for me! I left them with a little tip and now I have things to do and people to meet! For the first time in a long time, I feel complete! When you have acne, it doesn’t matter how nice your clothes look or how wonderful your haircut is! All anyone sees is that face with goops of makeup trying to hide the acne! NO MORE! Thanks to Buzz on Acne, I can hold my head high! Buzz on Acne is absolutely incredible!
 from Philadelphia

I knew that someday someone would finally figure out how to cure a person of acne. I am so glad that this happened in my Junior year. I now have so much to look forward to in my Senior year and for the rest of my life! It is as if, the dark cloud that followed me everywhere is gone! Buzz on Acne has completely changed my life! I no longer have to hide! I’m FREE! Buzz on Acne busted the ball and chain that I have been dragging around for so long. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
Cord from
 Minneapolis, MN

I never could manage to do all of the steps with the other stuff. First you use this, then that and then you put on this messy cream that bleaches your sheets, towels and clothes! UGH!!!! Now, all I do is wash my face and spray on the Buzz on Acne! Don’t be fooled by its simplicity! This is the toughest and most serious acne product that I have ever used. In fact, this is really the only acne product that I have used that does what it says its going to do! And it manages to do it without stripping and destroying your face! To this day, I can hardly believe how gently and effective Buzz on Acne is.. you have save me so much time, money and shame! Thank you!
Suzy from
 Omaha, Nebraska

I was really skeptical when my mother told me about the Buzz! She had heard about it on-line and ordered me a bottle. I thought “Oh great! I get to try another acne product!” I really had to eat my words on this one! This is not like any acne product that I have ever tried! NO BENZOYL PEROXIDE!!! Imagine that! I always hated what benzoyl peroxide did to my skin! I can not believe how easy this is to use, how gentle it is to use and how effective it is to use! I am forever grateful to you!
Carly from
 Dayton, Ohio

I live in a dormitory and have to hide my Buzz on Acne! I am serious! I carry it with me to class or everyone would use it up! DON’T MESS WITH MY BUZZ! GET YOUR OWN!
Brandon from Dallas, Texas

Acne has finally met its match! I still can’t get over how long it lasts. It is as if you are spraying water on your skin. A little goes a long way. You really can spray your own back and it really does work like they say! I am thrilled with the price of this! One bottle lasts a long time and does completely get rid of your acne.
Sherry from Scottsdale, Arizona